Laugherne Island Pool is no longer available to book for fishing matches, these fish have been transferred to CHESTNUT which is presently under development, due to open to day tickets shortly, matches will be March 2018.  The positioning of the pegs has started and these will be dug out and stoned together with pathways as soon as the ground dries up!  There will be 27 pegs but we suggest 25 for matches.  The cost of hiring the whole pool will be discounted to £180, £8 per peg if by the peg.

The area of Laugherne Island will be filled in and a 21 pitch touring caravan site is being created.

Laugherne (pronounced ‘Lawn’) Island Pool has been formed by joining two stock ponds previously used for growing Carp produced on our own Fish Farm. laugherne1An inside shelf was built all around the pool and another shelf encircles the three central islands.

The Pool takes it’s name from the adjacent Laugherne Brook and offers 39 comfortable fishing pegs. It is currently well stocked with Carp averaging 5 to 8lb  and a few ‘lumps’ up to 17lb+ and True Crucian x Carp Hybrids, produced on our own fish farm. Some small bream and roach have also been added.

laugherne2This water is available for day tickets and is proving a popular match venue for many club anglers, with regular 100lb plus winning weights. We also run midweek and weekend open matches on Laugherne Island Pool in rotation with our other pools.

If you would like to book this water for Match fishing or book in to fish one of our open matches, please click here for contact details.