Pips Willow, Jades Island, Ryan’s and Listers End Pools

Collectively known as the ‘Victorian’ pools, these established old Victorian stew ponds were formed by expanding the bed of Berrow Brook, which runs through the four pools before joining Laugherne Brook (pronounced ‘lawn’). Used in the past as a trout fishery, they then formed the early stages of the fish farm before being turned over to coarse fishing.

The pools are very well established and present mature naturalised surroundings, supporting a wealth of wildlife including water birds, frogs, toads, newts and even grass snakes.

Fish stocks are varied, with Carp to over 20lbs, Tench, Bream, Crucian Carp, Roach and Rudd to over 1.5lbs, chub, large perch, eels and the occasional brown trout!

Most baits work well, with pellets, sweetcorn and luncheon meat being popular favourites.

Available on day ticket, these four pools offer natural mixed fishing to the visiting angler.


Ryans Pool


Jades Island looking towards the Cafe


Pips Willow with the Old Boat House


Basking Carp in Pips Willow


View down towards Jades Island from Pips Willow


Jades Island



Shaun Ralph fishing Ryans



Young Robbie Gowan with a lovely Carp from Jades Island.