We have installed 30 pegs, all of which are designed to be suitable for disabled anglers, with extensive wheelchair access all round. Wheelchair access extends to more pegs and a teaching platform on Laurel Pool, another teaching platform  ‘Chestnut A’  which is the new Oak Pool and 10 pegs on Jades Island.

Wyatts is stocked with plenty of fish mainly consisting of our own strain, home-bred, hard fighting Common and Mirror Carp averaging 4lb, with a few lumps! We also added a small number of silvers for variety.

Wyatts throws regular winning match weights of over 100lbs and a past winning weight was 513lb to Lee Kerry in 2013.  Since then in 2014/15 this pool has had a revamp, been de-silted and restocked, and more new wooden platforms installed.  Wyatts now has a depth of about 12ft in the middle.

To book a match on Wyatts, please call the office 01886 888 517 – press 3 between the hours of 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.