Our Reindeer and Alpacas are ready to visit you!

If you are looking to add that extra special Christmas Magic to your event or business this year, why not consider hiring our Reindeer who love to meet people.

Prancer and Dancer were born in 2009 and have lived with us at Cob House from 2010, interacting with our visitors every day. They are friendly chaps (both castrated Males with velvet) and used to people.

For your event, we would be bringing the boys along and provide a 12ft x 12ft enclosure for them for people to see, there are always handlers with them to answer all those little Reindeer questions that inquisitive minds have.


We do have more Reindeer on site at Cob House and it is free to visit them at any time so why not pop along and see us.

The Reindeer would normally be with you for 3 hours (Min Charge) but longer times can be arranged.

Please see our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions before booking.

If you would like to find out more about our Reindeer coming along to your event,
please call Helen on 01886 888 517 or drop an email to sales@cobhouse.org.


Dasher Born 28th April 2014

Helen Taylor, owner of the Cob House, Wichenford, with baby Reindeer Rudy, born on Sunday, 7th May 2017

Jabba, Kwai and He’s got Talent (Rohan) love to meet and greet too, so if you are looking for a special birthday treat, why not consider a couple of Alpacas so that you can feel the fleece and Jabba and Kwai will eat out of your hand!

They are a great attraction for the kids all year round.

Jabba (left) is a little TV star and has appeared on the Paul O’Grady show!